THAMD #1 ∞ Hi Diary!

Dear ∞ Hue,

Writing this is a bit odd thing to do. ( OMG! For the whole wide world to read..seriously!) You've inspired me too much that i guess i get a lil bit more cray cray and since this is named TheHueandMeDiary then it is just so sweet of me to address it to Hue (YOU! Get it?!) Again, i was talking about the shades, the gradation of colors and so on. Who cares if I had too many explanations? ikr..haha! Anyway, it feels good to have this wanderland diary. And im just so thankful that im always inspired by you. I dont know if you even care about me and if you ever will waste your precious time to stalk me here and read my looooooooooong posts. I really dont mind. Well, if i could insist, please read this and the rest anyway. Haha! Talk to me soon.. will you?

Always  Me