The Red Collection

My favorite color is gray. But i also love pink and those pastel shades. I don't really like red much. I should hate it. For me, it's too bright, too noticeable yet there's something in red that made me want it, i it.

So these are my red stuff. i never thought i had them all along.

The color hurts my eyes yet it warms my heart.
This keychain is something I bought last year at Blue Magic. There are only two hearts remaining in the shelf. A lot of people was there but no one seemed to notice it, but hey I did! so I bought the two pairs. It's not pricey, I actually wanted to buy more than two. But that's all that's left. Just like in love, only two hearts can make one long and lasting love, not three or more than that. Just two. And just like you can't always have everything in this world, so whatever is there, take it or leave it. Ohh just that, I lost the other heart.
I never thought I could love red much more than I should hate it. Appealing eh?
I seldom use them but I do look at them...a lot. Cute!
Does it looks like a beach rake to you? Nah. That's my back scratcher..haha! I have that for a couple of years already and It was just not to long ago that I noticed it's color. well..RED!
This bug isn't bugging me. 
A rosary from Rome. I love it's scent and yes the color as well.  The one who gave me this was sorry that there's no other color available yet I said "red" is perfectly okay. 

2nd batch of redness - 03.06.15
 I had this case for quite a long time but i don't feel using it until last Valentines day. Cute isn't?
Got this as a present last Christmas 2013.
 Real roses wilt in time, plastics don't. It last for a lifetime. And just because it's plastic doesn't mean it's not genuine. Sometimes, it's way better than real ones. Just like the love that bloomed in my heart, might be set aside, might be taken for granted but surely it wont ever wilt.
 The hairbow i used to wear occasionally..yay!
 I found this in my old things where i write poems for my crush.. I used to write songs as well. I remember that awkward moment when my bestfriend gave one of the poem to my crush, i was blushing in total redness!
 That Givenchy. Almost gone. But i'm still gonna keep it anyway, it's red!
 Two hearts met by fate. Joined together as one.. Suddenly detached. Worth than a gold. Hardened like stone. No other pair can compare.
 Yeah, even the! who cares?!
Just found my old crappy necklace. Nothing special except that it's red.

3rd batch of redness - 09.30.15
 Make it easy.

Heart less.

*Will be updating this once in a while for more red stuffs.