Oh, Thats Hue and Me

I never thought of creating another blog but then out of the blue, i just made one. Honestly, i only spent a few minutes thinking of this diary's blog name (not like the time when i had my mainblog name got changed) Well, the idea of the blog name was inspired by the ever precious to me, you-know-who-you-are and of course, the shades (hue) of my not-so-colorful life. Color choice which is obviously "RED" is to make it look lively. Hmm. This is not really intended for someone else to feel happy that i extended my wanderland because i got inspired by you-know-who-you-are. Well, that's one thing. And the other thing is, i want a new wanderland where words can endlessly flow  (Yes! No rephrasing or too much effort in thinking or whatever) and can freely express some of my emotions.

My main wanderland is quite a serious one and this one is surely the different side of it. TheHueandMeDiary, a light and carefree diary. A little bit daring and a lot more outspoken. I guess that's something new to carry on for the coming new year. Yay!